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Medical and Nursing Community of Montana Unites to Urge Vaccination, Masking as COVID-19 Cases Rise Statewide:

Montana medical and nursing organizations representing thousands of health care practitioners across the state united to urge Montanans to protect themselves and their communities by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask as COVID-19 cases continue to r  

MMA Files Suit to Protect Montana Physician Offices, Fight for the Safety of Patients:

The Montana Medical Association along with other organizations and individuals, filed suit in Missoula Federal District Court on September 22, 2021, challenging House Bill 702 as it applies to Montana’s physicians and hospitals.


Montana Medical Association Selects Leadership for 2021/2022:

The Montana Medical Association (MMA) announced today that its Board of Trustees has selected a new slate of officers to lead the Association through September 2022, with Carley C. Robertson, M.D., a general practice physician from Havre, taking the he  

MMA Issues Statement Following DPHHS Report on Fatal Overdoses in Recent Weeks :

HELENA – The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, issued a press release on a high number of fatal overdoses across Montana over the last two weeks. The Montana Medical Association (MMA) today r  

MMA Statement on Preliminary Injunction Granted in HB 702 Litigation:

Today, in Missoula District Court, a preliminary injunction was granted in the Montana Medical Association’s ongoing litigation against House Bill 702 to the extent it applies to all facilities and providers subject to the Centers for Medicare an  

Healthcare Excellence in Leadership Program

2021 Graduates

Adrienne Coopey, D.O., Psychiatry, Billings
Dirk Gottman, M.D., Pediatrics, Missoula
Kevin Harada, M.D., Hospital & Internal Medicine, Havre
J. Erin Hixson, M,D., Family Medicine, Billings
Leslee Kane, M.D., Family Medicine, Bozeman
Tony King, Pharmacy Director, Helena
Sarah Potts, Ph.D., Psychology, Missoula
Dierdre Strigenz, M.D., Anesthesiology, Bozeman
Kristine Thayer, M.D., Pediatric Surgery, Missoula
Mark VanTighem, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Great Falls
Stephanie Wolfe, M.D., Family Medicine, Bozeman 

“Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” 

2020 Graduates

John Brewer, DNP, PMHNP Helena
Jeri Lynn Casagrande, D.O. Billings
Rob Drewelow, M.D. Browning
Lynne Foss, NP Belgrade
Barbara Gilbreath, RN Helena
Janis Langohr, M.D. Billings
Christina Marchion, M.D. Lewistown
Carolyn Meyer, M.D. Helena
David Newton, M.D. Ennis
Elliy Phillips, PA-C Billings
Kate Ryan, M.D. Boise, Idaho
Mike Sura, M.D. Lewistown
Shannon Wagenman, FNP Hardin
Lauren Wilson, M.D. Missoula
Melissa Wolf, M.D. Bozeman

UBUNTU in the Xhosa culture means: "I am because we are"

2019 Graduates

William Anderson, M.D. Forsyth
Mae Bixby, M.D. Missoula
Teresa Blaskovich, M.D. Billings
Katie Dawson, M.D. Anaconda
Laura Goodell, M.D. Bozeman
Wendy Grace, M.D. Butte
Tory Katz-Kelly, M.D. Bozeman
Matthew Munding, M.D. Missoula
Nell Ryan, APRN, FNP-C Great Falls
Willow Sheehan, DNP, FNP-BC Helena
Sandra Simmons, M.D. Missoula
Timothy Strigenz, M.D. Bozeman
Anne Thomas, M.D. Bozeman
Heather Zaluski, M.D. Helena

"Live as brothers or perish as fools" Martin Luther King

2018 Graduates

Britt Ballinger, FNP Helena
Terry Cahill, M.D. Billings
Eliad Culcea, M.D. Great Falls
Michael DiCello, M.D. Bozeman
Megan Evans, M.D. Dillon
Keith Foster, M.D. Helena
Sarah Holexa, M.D. Missoula
Joshua Knappenberger, M.D. Bozeman
Sarah Morgan, M.D. Bozeman
John Douglas Muir, M.D. Whitefish
Angie Ostrowski, M.D. Bozeman
Megan Petersen, M.D. Billings
Carley Robertson, M.D. Havre
Ryan Schwanke, M.D. Billings
Federico Seifarth, M.D. Kalispell
Michelle Spring, M,D. Whitefish
Neil Sun Rhodes, M.D. Browning
Timothy Wetherill, M.D. Helena
Allison Young, M.D. Missoula

In growing, we have shared. In learning, we found friendship.

2017 Graduates

Kristin Anderson, M.D. of Missoula
Laura Bennett, M.D. of Lewistown
David Boggs, M.D. of Helena
Serena Brewer, D.O. of Butte
Kenneth Brewington, M.D. of Missoula
Jason Cohen, M.D. of Whitefish
David Crites, M.D. of Bozeman
Medina Culver, D.O. of Billings
Maura Davenport, M.D. of Ennis
Abe Elias, M.D. of Helena
Kerry Hale Ford, M.D. of Helena
Ernest Gray, M.D. of Browning
Danae Hansen, M.D. of Butte
Gregory Holzman, M.D. of Helena
Sean Kalagher, M.D. of Bozeman
J.P. Maganito, D.O. of Helena
Julianna Papez, D.O. of Billings
William Reiter, M.D. of Anaconda
Amy Schuett, M.D. of Billings
Craig Sweeney, D.O. of Great Falls

2016 Graduates

Erin Amato, M.D., Billings
Jeff Baker, M.D., Great Falls
Kevin Bozarth, M.D., Bozeman
Jennifer Brunsdon, M.D., White Sulphur
Michael D'Ambrose, M.D., Cut Bank
Jennie Eckstrom, M.D., Whitefish
Chad Engan, M.D., Great Falls
William Gallea, M.D., Helena
Burke Hansen, M.D., Dillon
Cara Harrop, M.D., Polson
Michelle Lizotte, M.D., Big Timber
Craig McHood, M.D., Missoula
LeeAnna Muzquiz, M.D., Polson
Denny Orme, D.O., Kalispell
Jean-Pierre Pujol, M.D., Helena
Ashley Quanbeck, M.D., Hardin
Michael Temporal, M.D., Billings
Danielle Wang, M.D., Billings
Jeanne Williams, M.D. PhD, Plains
Shawna Yates, D.O., Butte

2015 Graduates

2014/2015 Graduates

Jonathan E. Amick, D.O., Whitefish
Todd A. Bergland, M.D., Whitefish
Christopher T. Caldwell, D.O., Missoula
Pamela V. Cutler, M.D., Missoula
Tracy M. Fairbanks, M.D., Bozeman
Lea W. Gorsuch, M.D., Great Falls
James W. Guyer, M.D., Billings
Roman M. Hendrickson, M.D., Sheridan
Pepper J. Henyon, M.D., Bozeman
Kristine A. Kuper, M.D., Great Falls
Hikmat A. Maaliki, M.D., Ronan
Adron R. Medley, M.D., Cut Bank
Mark D. Morasch, M.D., Billings
Kirsten L. Morissette, M.D., Hardin
Patrick A. Morrow, M.D., Helena
James H. Quirk, M.D., Missoula
Aubrey M. Remmers, M.D., Missoula
James K. Tarver, M.D., Helena
Jay D. Taylor, M.D., Conrad
Todd B. Wampler, M.D., Helena

2014 Graduates

MMA Physician Leadership Program Class of 2014

John Andenoro, M.D., Urology Associates, Kalispell
Michael Brown, M.D., Yellowstone Pathology, Billings
Nicole Clark, M.D., St. Peter's Hospital, Helena
Scott Dull, M.D., Billings Clinic, Billings
Jay Erickson, M.D., Montana WWAMI Clinical Dean, Whitefish 
Shaun Gillis, M.D., Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman
Jonathan Griffin, M.D., St. Peter's Hospital, Helena
Robert Hart, D.O., Western Montana Clinic, Missoula
Melissa Hulvat, M.D., Kalispell Regional Medical Center, Kalispell
Bobby Maynard, M.D., Great Falls Clinic, Great Falls 
Kevin Maxwell, M.D., Glendive Medical Center, Glendive
Marc Mentel, D.O., Community Medical Center, Missoula
Al Olszewski,  M.D., North Valley Hospital, Whitefish
Richard Popwell, M.D., Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman
J. Bruce Robertson, M.D., Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman
Jon Robinson, M.D., Bridger Orthopedic, Bozeman
Laura Shelton, M.D., Providence, Florence
Bonnie Stephens, M.D., Community Medical Center, Missoula
Stephen Tahta, M.D., Community Medical Center, Missoula
Michael Vlases, M.D., Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, Bozeman
John D. Williams, M.D., St. Lukes Community Healthcare, Polson